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Over 700+ Art Deco Style Posters, Collectables & Vintage products to choose from.

Vintage posters are now so rare the 1st edition prints can run into the 10's of £thousands. Give a space art deco poster glamour without spending the Earth. 


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Car and Racing Art Deco Posters
car and racing art deco posters from around the world
Travel Art Deco Posters
Art deco travel posters from around the world
Winter Sports Art Deco Posters
winter sports art deco travel
Cycling Art Deco Posters
art deco cycling posters
Le Mans Art Deco Posters
art deco racing posters form le mans
Monaco Racing Art Deco Posters
monaco grand prix racing posters
Animal Art Deco Posters
animal and pets art deco posters
Retro Oil & Racing Mugs
Retro Oil and Racing 110z mugs
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Over 700


Art Deco Style Posters

Oil Mugs

Car Antiques

Montecarlo Rallye Art Deco Posters
Montecarlo Rallye art deco posters
Oil & Racing Caps
Oil and racing caps and beanies
Vintage Car Workshop Manuals
vintage car and bike workshop manuals
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Who We Are

Steel Wolf Vintage Posters started as a marketing agency catering to interior designers in London. Many of our projects involved dressing sets for our clients and using our own artwork to keep a stand looking fresh. 


So we thought why not setup a shop ourselves! Formed in 2007 we now provide an extensive collection of art deco posters and collectables to over 50 countries constantly evolving to fit our customers’ needs.


We're still car fans too so expect plenty of car related imagery and literature! We collaborate with the best creatives and designers in the industry to bring you the best in contemporary art deco items and scour the world looking for car related rarities. We're always here to help so feel free to use our Livechat, email or telephone contact points.


Hallam Grange Rise, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 4BE,  UK

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Steel Wolf Vintage Posters , Steel House, Hallam Grange Rise, Sheffield, S10 4BE.

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